Business idea

We will assist the business community and the public sector with sustainable ideas that make the company's profile and values visible through products, good digital solutions and good concept solutions.

We will be the total supplier that delivers sustainable solutions, the right product in the right quality at the right price at the right time. We strengthen your relationships.

  • A total supplier of product media to the corporate market.

  • We deliver sustainable ideas for the right occasion.




We will be the IDEA provider that stimulates the relationships between people and working life.


Total supplier
We help you from idea, design and concept development to production,
warehousing and distribution

Own purchasing department that is constantly updated on market trends

Focus on environment, quality and fair trade


34 years of experience and 135 people who are passionate about profiling

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Sales office - Oslo
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IDÉ House of Brands works to have a sustainable business practice with respect for people, society and the environment.

This means that current generations can meet their needs, without ruining future generations. The UN's sustainability goals are a worldwide action plan for sustainable development and we see that we can contribute on several points in this joint work.

Every day we deliver a wide range of products to companies all over the world. Our goal is to minimize the potential negative impact our work has on people, society and the environment. A secure economy is one of the balancing factors in a sustainable societal development. As a major player in the industry, we see it as our responsibility to influence both forward and backward in the value chain.

It is important to us that the customer experiences a safe trade that matches theirs and our values.

Environment and ethics

This is how we work with the environment and ethics

Through procurement IDÉ House of Brands considers responsible procurement practice to be one of our most important tools in the work for sustainable business practice.

Through supplier development and partnerships In order for our partners to be able to comply with our strict requirements for the production chain, we are in continuous dialogue to raise the competence and optimize the use of resources by each individual partner. Our purchasing department works actively to establish long-term relationships with partners who show particular willingness and ability to work with positive development in the supply chain.

Through sales and marketing, IDÉ House of Brands will be a driving force for customers in their choice to shop more environmentally friendly. Several of our customers have become more aware of their purchases and it is satisfying to be able to meet their demands for more environmentally friendly choices. As our customer, you will always have a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Through membership in international organizations Ever since its inception in 1987, IDÉ has ​​held a leading position in the market. This is also reflected in the measures we take to ensure our commitment to sustainable business practices. In 2008, we became the first company in the profile industry to be ISO-certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 for environmental and quality management. In addition to this, we work closely with IEH, Ethical Trade Norway and work according to the obligations it entails.