Graphic assignments and printed matter

IDÉ House of Brands helps you with everything from graphic and virtual design, such as advertising proposals, product sheets, invitations, job advertisements, trade fair materials, etc. The assignment is communicated with IDÉ, and offers will be given at fixed, good hourly rates. The offer and timeline are confirmed before the assignment starts.

We have a creative team that is happy to help you with tailor-made solutions for events, both external and internal.

If you need help with graphic assignments, our designers are ready to help you! Contact us at

If you have other questions or wishes, just contact us at

Prices are quoted upon request.

Printed matter

Brochures, advertisements, roll ups and other printed matter - get in touch and we will help you with layout/design, sizes and text:
We tailor to your needs and wishes.

Examples of brochures in A5:


External events

If you need help with strategy in connection with a campaign, an event or a new overall concept, then contact us! We help you with the total solution - from idea, design, production and distribution, to the finished result.

Exhibition concept with several areas of use.

IDÉ supplies a total trade fair concept where several of the parts come with a lifetime guarantee. The back walls can be used for several occasions, such as for example as a press wall, decoration in meeting rooms and reception, or as a smaller setup outside at customers' premises.

Example of a total fair package:

  • Giveaways
  • Environmentally friendly profile
  • Shopping net
  • Textiles for everyone who works at the fairs
  • Large exhibition stand with accompanying counter
  • etc.

Internal events

Every company has internal strategies, linked to HSE, sick leave, training, sustainability, environment etc.

IDÉ helps with internal campaigns, from the creation of the concept, ideas, design and deliveries. Here they often work with year wheels and many relate this to seasons, sponsorship and sports events.

Here we can help with, for example:

  • Starter kit: Drinking bottle and/or thermos cup, annual calendar, notebook, mouse pad etc. which are distributed to the employees at the beginning of the year.

  • Clothing:
    ​We find clothing that suits your purpose whether it is for internal or external use. Everything from work clothes, fair wear, clothes for a special event, for example a race.