Star behaviors

Inspiration of products that can be used in work-shop or other need around products fit for Star behaviors.

To support visibility and knowledge about the Star behaviors, a collection of products are now available.

They can for examplebe used to:

  • Strengthen messages before, after and during the Star behavior workshops
  • As reminders and carriers of the messages in everyday work life
  • Giveaways to highlight and encourage progress

The products in this design is only for inspiration, you can get special customer made if you have other needs or wants.

Roll ups, poster and print outs is also available and IDÉ has original Design files for production of poster, stickers, roll ups and print outs.
This can be used in workshops or put on the bulletin bord a or coffee table as a reminder. Produced in local language, based on you needs can be produced.

Contact persons at IDÉ House of Brands:
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