Giveaways reinforce your brand

Giving away a ballpoint pen or bag with a logo can have a big effect on your brand. In fact, 88% say they remember who they got a profiling product from, one year after they got it.

The goal of all marketing is to reach a recipient with a message. The unique thing about communicating through products is that the message has a longer lifespan than other traditional advertising and a great reach in reuse.

We work long-term with our customers and are happy to be involved when you plan strategic use of product media, either at the beginning of the year or at the start of a project. It is important for us to know our customers, in this way our project managers see the types of products that fit your message.

Whatever you want to convey, it is the combination of product and message that will be crucial to achieving the desired effect.

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Why giveaways?


 Increased visibility

Brand building


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We believe in "the common thread" 

We believe that the giveaways needs to reflect you as a company. There are 4 things the recipient values ​​most in promotional articles:

1. The product must be useful

2. The product is of good quality

3. That the product has an inspiring design

4. That the product is given on the right occasion

A ballpoint pen is therefore not just a ballpoint pen. A cap is not just a cap and a backpack should not just cover a need for storage. The products communicate through design, print and quality.

Mann kledd i like klær som fargene på en kulepenn
Mann kledd i like klær som fargene på en kulepenn
Mann kledd i like klær som fargene på en kulepenn

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