Wine as a corporate gift

Whether we have the world's best wine or not, we will probably never get an answer to. What we do know is that our employees and our customers greatly appreciate the wine we have and that is the most important thing for us.

Brown Bodegas wine barrels 

Bodegas Santalba

IDÉ House of Brands has worked with Bodegas Santalba since the early 2000s and has very close collaboration with the winery. The farm is located approx. 10 minutes from Haro, the capital of Rioja in Spain.

Bodegas Santalba is a family-run farm, which today is run by Roberto, a 3rd generation winemaker. Roberto is a man with a great passion for the profession and his vision is "good wine for the people" - from a global perspective. He exports to China, the United States and a number of countries in Europe, and is often more concerned with the variation than the volume of what he sells.

The farm is unique in its home market as they have chosen to focus on quality rather than quantity. This means that their production today only produces a fraction of what the large wineries produce, but the quality is exceptional. When you open one of the farm's most characteristic bottles, where the grapes come from 200-year-old vines, then the wine takes you on a journey you will soon forget.

Bottle with IDÉ logo
Bottle and bottle holder in wood with IDÉ logo
Bottle with IDÉ logo
Bottle with IDÉ logo