A successful trade fair

What does it take for potential customers and partners to stop at your stand at trade fairs? How can you be preferred over you competitors? We have both the products and the expertise for you to achieve the best results at the fair!

There is a lot to keep in mind when you go to a trade fair. Not only should you be visible to your potential customers, but you should also show who you represent in the best possible way.

In the jungle of trade fair equipment, we have the expertise so that you can find the products that suit your message. We have some of the best partners on display products, so you can always choose from the top shelf. Also, we have all the necessary infection control equipment available so that customers and employees feel taken care of in a safe way.

For a complete look, we also have a huge selection of clothes that can be branded with your message. T_shirts, hoodies, shirts, suits and blazers. How about a sporty and professional t-shirt with your slogan?

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Your to-do list

  1. Start planning early
    To succeed with your trade fair participation, it is important that you start planning early. How many stands do you need, who participates in the fair, which of your competitors will be there, what do you need of trade fair equipment and display products? The earlier you start, the better basis you have for your trade fair participation to be successful.

  2. Have a set of goals
    What do you want to achieve by being present at the fair? Whether it is to get new customers to the company or create a buzz about a new product, it is important to have clear goals for the best result. 

  3. How do you want your audience to see you
    Design, size and layout should be adapted to your specific goals. It is also important that the design of the stand reflects your company's profile, both in terms of color choice and text. See some of our trade fair products here.  

  4. Facilitate for infection control
    The eruption of Covid-19 in the spring of 2020 has changed the framework for how we interact at larger events. Make it easy for visitors to feel safe at your booth. Distance between chairs, disinfectants and frequent surface washing Se our range of infection control equipment!

  5. Giveaways
    Have your visitors leave with a good impression. As many as 88% remember who gave them a profile product after 12 months and 40% of giveaways lead to increased business opportunities. Se our range of giveaways!

  6. Announce your participation
    Tell your customers and partners that you will attend the fair, and describe where they can find you. Why should they drop by your booth, highlight what makes your booth unique and what you can offer visitors. Use newsletters, social media and the web to your advantage. Are you going to offer a discount to everyone who visits you, do you have a brand new product no one else has seen before or a great giveaway? Tell existing and potential customers just this to entice them to your booth.

  7. Preparation
    To ensure that everything goes according to plan during the fair, it is important to prepare. Which employees will represent the company at the fair and practice the presentation. Practice talking to customers, and make sure you can answer the important questions. If you have the opportunity, it is a good idea to set up the entire stand in advance and practice in the real scenery.

  8. The follow-up
    Remember to get back to your visitors afterwards! Write down who you meet and what you talked about. Be active and attentive, without overdoing it. Show that you remember who they are, what they were interested in and give them a specific offer.

Good luck at your fair, we are happy to assist with the entire process.